MAX has conquered the world with its chronographs and watches. Inspired by youth and tradition top selling designs are delivered time and again. MAX watches exhale power, energy and beauty! Its strong appearance and superb quality in all materials used is what ensures maximum identity.

Designed and created in the Netherlands, MAX Watches is proud to wear the label Dutch Design! All watches are made from the best stainless steel available and precision tools are used at every stage of the manufacturing process. Every single watch is equipped with high quality mineral glass and with the most reliable watch engines and chronographs from Japan.

All watches are water resistant and especially The Diver and The Legend series of watches are perfectly equipped for the water with a water resistance of 200m.

At MAX we unite performance, fashion and quality to create the ultimate MAX.

Check out all the different collections and choose your MAX!! You can buy your Max online with the listed partner sites, or ask your local dealer.

Any questions? You can contact MAX Watches at: info@watch-max.com